Monday, August 17, 2015

Life Gets in the Way - So Study

There's something to that old adage about life getting in the way - sometimes, you just can't help it, you can't paint! As an artist/teacher/designer, I understand the importance of practice. Actually, we all understand that practice is most often the difference between being great at something, good at something or just adequate. I've worked hard the past year or so to always set aside time for me - better known as "painting time." But, there are times (traveling being one) when circumstances prohibit me from doing something I not only should do, but I actually love to do - paint.

So, I wanted to share a new insight, an epiphany I had yesterday as I was traveling the interstate; this world is a beautiful place and offers us as artist the opportunity to study our art, improve our skill, at any given moment. Instead of just looking at cloud formations, I studied them. I noticed the values of blues and grays underneath, the warmth of the "whites" as they billowed from the top back and toplit from the sun...i was in aww. The rainbow that presented itself was one to behold. I could see all the colors of the spectrum. And, where it appeared to touch the ground in the valley between the mountains, the intensity of the reflecting light caused me to pause for a moment and wonder if there was truly gold at the end of that rainbow. Some of the trees seem to be taking on a pre-fall cast of yellow-green. What a treat to see up close the variations of warm and cool leaves, cast shadows and the effects of the atmospheric moisture (haze) at the horizon line.

WOW what a wonderful, beautiful day immersed in the study of art. I can't wait to see what today's studies will reveal as we travel further north. I hope you find art in your world today as well. Whether it be with brush in hand or through a car window, enjoy your studies and practice.

Enjoy the Journey,


  1. AAAhhhhhh yes my friend... it surrounds us all. And just think...before you know it, you will be actually suffering thru empty next syndrome!! Maybe then... YOU CAN PAINT!!!!

  2. Hi Dee, I agree, art is all around us. It's simply a matter of being mindful and taking a look around and seeing and enjoying it. I enjoy reading your posts!